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About Informatic Research

Informatic Research is a leading IT, R&D, software design and engineering services company.

Informatic Research is an IT, R&D, software design and engineering services company. We provide services & solutions across various industries and areas where we have deep understanding of our customers' businesses and requirments. We Focus on creating a long-lasting customer partnerships,  working with them in identifying their  businesses needs and support their success through our innovative use of technology.

With a 100% track record of successful projects and satisfied customers across all our services from business consulting and systems integration, to IT and business process outsourcing services that is based on thorough quality of products and provided support. We work in partnership with our customers to enable change that will increase their business efficiency, accelerate its growth and manage risks.  

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Informatic Research's commitment to quality

Informatic Research takes pride in satisfying customers by delivering products and services that meet their specified requirements within schedule. Secondly, Informatic Research is committed to continuously improving the processes by which  products and services are provided, so that project delivery meets requirements and is done right the first time.

Informatic Research has formed many partnerships with leading companies to incorporate their latest technologies and best management practices into its products and services. Informatic Research perforrms a constant market evaluation process to makes sure customers are getting the best quality and value.

Informatic Research professional offshore outsourcing capability

Informatic Research has the ability to attract, develop, organize and retain the talent needed to continuously improve its research and  development capability. Through Informatic Research's well established professional offshore outsourcing system Informatic Research provides customers with the skills and expertise needed to satisfy projects requirements across different industries.

Reaching new peaks with Informatic Research

At Informatic Research we focus on bringing our customers smart and reliable solutions driven by Innovation and use latest technologies that that help their businesses release their full potential and hit new peaks

Find out how Informatic Research can help your business hit new peaks.

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