Informatic Research is an IT, R&D, software design and engineering services company. We provide services & solutions across various industries and areas where we have deep understanding of our customers' businesses and requirments. We Focus on creating a long-lasting customer partnerships,  working with them in identifying their  businesses needs and support their success through our innovative use of technology.
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Informatic Research acheived a deep Industry expertise across various critical market sectors.
Premium services and solutions that meet the most evolving business requirments.
» 21.2.2009 Informatic Research releases the new version of GTN software featuring web-based charting.
» 14.4.2009 Zone Control BAS framework gets a makeover with occupation sensing capabilities.
» 24.7.2009 Informatic Research releases Vuecast the video playout server software featuring video streaming over internet broadcasting solution.
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» Finance » Construction
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