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Informatic Research provides professional development services for systems and components to the automotive and motorsport industries.
Through a wide range of innovative solutions and services Informatic Research enables  building owners, construction and engineering firms to effectively manage projects and facility assets.
Informatic Research is committed to a constant research and development of a wide range of energy waste prevention and innovative energy conservation management solutions.
Informatic Research offers a wide variety of solutions, services and packaged software that utilize advanced technologies and maintain durability to critical systems used in  banking, insurance, and financial industries.
Informatic Research is envolved in projects that contributes  to improving efficiencies, quality and reach of patient care  driving a major convergence between health and information technology.

Informatic Research offers a flexible combination of solutions  and services in the form of  pre-packaged or pre-Integrated products or processes while maintaining high customizability  to fulfill different business needs.
Media & broadcast
Through applications that require seamless reliability and availability, Informatic Research is well positioned in providing  solutions that performs live graphical inscribing and handles digital video processing, play out and transport.
Informatic Research offers many software solutions designed to help the pharmaceutical industry achieve operational excellence.
Retail & logistics
Developing and maintaining the full business digital  process with high attention to details and reliable monitoring and tracking of the complete business cycle.
Informatic Research provides sustainable IT solutions and R&D services for the telecom industry that ensure optimal business performance and exploring opportunities that would maintain both profitability and efficiency.

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