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Application management
As business processes are rapidly becoming more dependable on various driving applications and as the challenges of supporting differenet application environments are increasing, Informatic Research provides professional  services for developing, Integrating, supporting and maintaining innovative software applications that acheive a tangible business progress and help customers focus more on core business operations.
Automation & control
Informatic Research provides automation & control  services and solutions that perform building resource management, security and control processes that improve productivity in complex industrial plants.
Business intelligence
Informatic Research enables customers to get full access to facts about all business operations and performances through all business processes and chains in order to improve performance and decision making though reliable and innovative use of technology that provides speed and security.
Informatic Research provides businesses with  optimized  process plans that are drived from Informatic Research's deep industry knowledge and expertise.
Data integeration
With Informatic Research's expertise in data management and thorough understanding of architectures and platforms you can entrust your data integration, migration, synchronization and warehousing  projects.
Research & development
Informatic Research provides professional research and development services for many industries with innovation that embed advanced technologies, acheive quality, reliability, security  and meet critical deliveries.

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